A Despite my technical education, I have been passionate about music for many years. I play the following musical instruments: lead guitar, solo guitar and bass guitar. I also enjoy playing various rhythm section instruments such as conga drums, djembe, ashiko, bongo drums and various rattle instruments. From time to time, I also write lyrics.
My musical inspirations come from many sources, but the strongest influence on the development of my playing technique has come from musicians such as: Jimmy Hendrix, Jimmy Page, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Miles Davis, Avishai Cohen, Herbie Hancock, Joshua Redmann, John Lee Hooker, Marcus Miller and Jaco Pastorius.

The style of my music is most certainly some kind of jazz, however, owing to its multi-faceted and complex form, I am reluctant to accurately describe its genre. My music features elements of musical styles such as: blues, jazz, funk, reggae, rock; while some of my pieces also feature some psychedelic elements. In my own professional recording studio in Grodzisk Mazowiecki I record my music and meet my musician friends for some enjoyable jam sessions. In addition to acoustic and recording equipment, my recording studio is equipped with a large number of drums and percussion instruments.

If you would like to create music, provide some advice or cooperate with me, do not hesitate and send me a line, as we may be able to do something great together.

Now, I am happy so much since my records were noticed and my new CD "like a jazz.." has been released.
The CD has been sponsored by 3 companies and delivered to us by truck with edition quantity 10 000 pieces.
Look at details on "Discography" page.

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